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- KStN - Kriegsstärkenachweisung


Führer Begleit Brigade Gliederung

Gliederung for the Führer Begleit Brigade dated November 28th, 1944.

Sturmgeschütz Escort Batteries

The Sturmgeschütz Escort Batteries, or Sturmgeschütz Begleit Batterien, were first introduced in early 1944 as a way of providing organic infantry support to the Sturmgeschütz Battalions.

Sturmpanzer Downloads
Going Off-Line
Although the site has been setup the same way for years now, GoDaddy has determined that I am violating their terms of service with the 40 GB’s of downloads on the site. Unfortunately, I don’t have the inclination to spend the time or the money needed to get this issue resolved. I probably won’t continue to maintain the site under these conditions so it seems the sites days are likely numbered.

The download links (basically all PDF and zip files) will quit working this weekend. The site itself will stay up for a while. I have copied all the download files to my OneDrive at the link below. I will try to keep it up for a few months to give everyone time to download what they want. Or until Microsoft decides I have violated their terms of service and shuts it down. 😊

OneDrive Link


German vehicle and equipment manuals in PDF formt.


ETO Ordnance Technical Intelligence Reports in PDF format.

A new searchable index. Search by the authors last name or by key words in the title and description
These are manuscripts produced under the Foreign Military Studies Program of the Historical Division, United States Army, Europe.
Most of these manuscripts were prepared by former high-ranking officers of the German Armed Forces.
Recreation of the K.St.N.'s of the German early war Panzer and
Motorized Infantry Divisions
These are PDF booklets with
K.St.N. and charts recreated from original German documents
by Larry G. Schaeffer

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German Military Terms


forage, fodder; lining (Clo); bushing, liner (Tech); chuck (of lathe, etc.).

War Department Manual TM 30-356

The Sergeant York Controversy

German Perspective

Book Ad

A German Report on the events in the Argonne on October 8th, 1918

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